Virginia Beach, VA

Position Desired

Mechanical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


A professional position in Mechanical Engineering that will utilize my creativity, work ethic and past experiences to solve unique and challenging problems.


Newport News Shipyard – Structural Engineer 2012 – Present
Dept. E46: Shock Engineering Services and Product Development Security Clearance: Secret

Worked on multiple platform during my 3+ years with the company by supporting programs ranging from CVN78 & CVN 79 construction, CVN72 overhaul, Virginia Class Submarine, Ohio Replacement Program, and CANES testing. Each of the programs were supported through a combination of the following approaches.

Onsite Test Support:
• Shock
• Vibration
• Temperature & Humidity

FEA Modeling:
• CVN 78 Foundation and Ship Structure
• VCS Components
• Piping and Valve Systems

Data Analysis:
• Shock Response Spectrum
• Vibration data
• UNDEX studies
• DSSM qualification


Aircraft Weapons Elevators
- Analyzed ship elevator components for modal, shock, and deflection criteria
- Created FEA models of equipment and ship structure to quantify the equipment response to shock input
- Identified and proposed solutions for areas of shock deficiency
- Worked within a multidisciplinary group to document and incorporate solutions

Equipment Resonance
- Used FEAMAP to correlate FEA models to bump test data
- Provided structural solutions to avoided resonance based on the equipment operation condition.
- Performed transient analysis of shipboard foundations using test derived shock inputs
- Sized shock isolation mounts for vendors based on mounting location

CANES (Consolidated Afloat Network Enterprise Services)
- Performed onsite Mil Spec test support for temperature and humidity, EMI, airborne noise, shock and vibration
- Liaised between Newport News Shipyard and Northup Grumman to provide status updates and to provide testing solutions when issues arose
- Used SIMPLE to vali...

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