Recent BME Graduate

Iowa City, IA

Position Desired

Biomedical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


To obtain a position in a coordinated team setting to work in the optimization of design, manufacturing, and proper implementation of medical devices.

The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA Aug 2011 - Present
• Major: Biomedical Engineering; Track: Biomaterials Graduation Date: Winter 2015
• Minor: Chemistry Completion Date: Winter 2015
• GPA: 2.95/4.00 Previous 80 hours: 3.31/4.00
Course Highlights
• Design: BME Senior Design, Design for manufacturing, Engineering Drawing and Solid Modeling
• Programming: Bioimaging, Bioinformatics, Computers in Engineering, Systems and Data Acquisition
• Bioengineering: Cell Biology for Engineers, Biotransport, Cell-Material Interactions, Artificial Circulatory Implant design
• Materials: Materials Science, Biomaterials and Implant Design; Mechanics of Deformable Bodies

Engineering Project Experience
BME Senior Design (Bioreactor for Tissue Research) Aug 2014 – May 2015
• Researched and assessed various products currently in the market
• Collaborated with teammates to propose applicable solutions
• Modeled several components in 3D modeling softwares including Autodesk Inventor and PTC Creo
• 3D Printed custom objects and components necessary for a new product using a Formlabs printer
• Prepared engineering drawings and schematics for machinists and manufacturing engineers
Biomaterials and Implant Design Aug 2015 – Dec 2015
• Assessed viability of different materials with respect to a given device
• Evaluated stresses and strains of materials in medical devices
• Coordinated with classmates to redesign a feature on a current medical device
• Modeled the redesigned feature using PTC Creo
Design for Manufacturing Aug 2015 – Dec 2015
• Applied knowledge of manufacturing protocol to the design of a device
• Modeled many devices and objects in PTC Creo
• Coordinated with classmates to design and manufacture a pump system
• Assessed machining tolerance and viability of parts

Work Experience
Sample Accessioning Technician, State Hygienic Laboratory May 2014 - Present
• Received and prepared many hazardous clinical and environmental samples for testing
• Inspected human samples upon reception for signs of damage, leaking, or bad preparation
• Communicated with many clients to correct errors relating to information of a sample
UIHC Stores, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics December 2011 – May 2014
• Assisted in taking and keeping an accurate inventory of medical supplies...

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