Duncan, SC

Position Desired

Electrical Engineering
Anywhere in the U.S.


OBJECTIVE: To obtain a challenging position that will allow me to utilize my skills and experience, with a progressive company, in order to create opportunities for further growth and advancement.

EDUCATION: Graduate of KFZ Meister, Handwerkskammer Ulm 2006
Graduate of GHWRS Einsingen 2000


Formel D USA (Contract Employee at BMW Plant 10 Spartanburg) 04/11 – Present
Harness Liaison Engineer (01/15 – present)
- Wiring Harness Routing and Partitioning Studies to ensure that the assembly process is robust.
- Developed harness changes, modified customer drawings, and finalized the modifications with the Lead Engineering Department in Germany.
- Steering design changes from T-cars to Series implementation, tracking of all data to ensure transparent communication within the entire process chain.
- Interface with local process partners, suppliers and the lead engineers in Germany.
- Studies on quality issues to find the root cause, implementing deviation and writing rework instructions for defects
- Used VISIO, DMS, and Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook) on a daily basis.
Team leader / electrical technician (04/11 – 12/14)
- Troubleshooting electrical defects with OEM diagnostic tools.
- Flashing cars to new software levels.
- Documentation of performed root cause analyses and reporting defects to process partners.
- Verifying rework from the team ensuring optimal communication.
- Trained new associates to BMW standards.

Local Automotive
Master mechanic 11/10 – 03/11
- Performed all daily based repairs and maintenance on customers’ cars.
- Troubleshooting electrical and mechanical defects.

Holiday Home Car RV rental
Master mechanic 04/10 – 10/10
- Responsible for managing three-man mechanic team, verified rework and performed safety checks on RVs.
- Troubleshooting all systems: drive train, electrical, propane system, water/sewer system.

Wiring harness technician 07/07 – 02/10
- Built prototype harnesses for cars and test equipment.
- Designed new drawings for test ...

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